BPE Annoucements

  • Buy Your Yearbook Now!

    Our online yearbook store is finally up and running! This will be the very first, inaugural yearbook for our school! Yearbooks are on sale for $30.00, and we have a limited supply! The price will go up in May to $35.00. You can buy the yearbook only or add on other fun accessories that the kids enjoy on the day they get autographs from their classmates. We have limited inventory so be sure to buy soon!! Once we are sold out, you cannot get a yearbook. This even includes teachers and staff! Do not let your child miss out on the fun of getting their yearbook signed by all their friends and teachers! They will keep the yearbook to look back on memories for years to come!


    It is very simple to purchase a yearbook- go to www.balfour.com and search for “Barrington Place Elementary School” in Sugar Land. From there, click on the yearbook icon, and it will direct you to the checkout process. This will secure that your child will receive a yearbook. Yearbooks will be delivered towards the end of the school year in May.


    We are encouraging online yearbook sales, but if you do have issues purchasing online only. Feel free to email Mrs. Rich-Vance, directly at lauren.rich@fortbendisd.com with any questions.


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