SMS Tennis


7th or 8th graders interested in participating in SMS Tennis:


  • Make sure that your RankOne forms have been submitted. You can find these through the link below.
  • All 7th graders, or new SMS 8th grade student athletes, will need to provide an FBISD physical form completed by a physician to a coach before tryouts begin. You can scan a copy of this to Coach Keshavarzi (girls) or Coach Andrews (boys) now, but please bring the original to the first day of practice.  That form is in the link below. If you tried out for volleyball, football, or basketball, your physical is already on file.
  • Tennis Tryouts begin after school on February 25th & 26th at 3:45 pm (if you can arrive at this time). Arrive early each day to complete screening and temperature checks.
  • Let your PE teacher know if you are planning on trying out ASAP, so that we can add you to the list and start checking off names of cleared (all forms completed) athletes.


RankOne Forms-


FBISD Physical Form-



Visit our SMS Girls’ Athletics Newsletter for up-to-date information!


Visit our SMS Boys’ Athletics Newsletter for up-to-date information!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask a coach.