Dr. Joey Washington

Dr. Joey Washington



Howdy Longhorns!

My name is Dr. Joey Washington and I am the 6th Grade Assistant Principal/Associate Principal. This is my fourth year here at Baines Middle School and I am so excited to embark upon my senior year at the Ranch.


Previously, I have served as a high school assistant principal and special programs coordinator. I have a total of 19 years of experience in education.  I have an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University, a master’s degree from Houston Baptist University, and my doctorate was obtained from Texas Southern University.


In my spare time, I read, cook, and enjoy fatherhood. I have an energetic 3-year-old named Jannalise and a 7th-month-old named Joziah.  They both keep me and my wife (Ja’Netta) actively engaged. 



Dr. Joey Washington, 6th Grade Principal




Mara (Yvette) Mullally  Administrative Assistant  281-634-6879