Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad 2023 to 2024

1st meeting will be Wednesday August 23

2nd meeting will be Wednesday August 30

3rd meeting will be Wednesday September 6, 2023

4th meeting will be Wednesday October 4, 2023

Room 428

4:20 - 5:00

Science Olympiad is a 23 category  15 member team competition.  Fort Settlement has participated in the competition since 2015.  

This year individual test competitions will be held for all the categories.  Students are competiting for One 15 member team this year.  

Due to the fact that Clements High School no longer supports or helps our program, and there is only one coach running the program, there will be only one team this year. 

Parent committment: If you are allowing your student to participate in Science Olympiad you must be willing to provide help / coaching support for that students event on their own time and you must be willing to transport them to and from any competitions we sign up for as a team.

Once the team is selected through competition, they will meet every Wednesday in Ms Staley's room.  

For information on what the categories are this year for Division B please go to the National Science Olympiad Web Page for that information prior to the meeting.