Spring 2022 Final Exam Exemption Information

Spring 2022 Final Exam Exemption Information

Parents and Students,

          The window for Exemptions is open until May 13, 2022. Please review the attached job aid for instructions on how to complete the custom form in Skyward. The custom form is not accessible on the Skyward app, so please log in through the website.

          Please be aware that students who are on the fees and fines list will not be eligible for exemptions. All fines and fees must be paid by May 13th to regain eligibility.  Students who have attended DAEP/JJAEP during the current school year will not be eligible. Additionally, they must have a semester average of an 80 or above.

Click here for the job aide to complete exemptions request in Skyward (Custom Forms tab).

Click here for criteria to exempt Spring 2022 Final Exams.