IBMA students earn industry certifications

From freshmen to seniors, IBMA students are cranking out industry certifications. IBMA students at both Bush and Travis High Schools have the opportunity to earn industry certifications through their business courses. Teachers Lorraine Fitzgerald (BHS) and Donna Nowlin (THS) have been working with their students first and second semester on various industry certifications ranging from Microsoft Office Components to OSHA, respectively. Industry certifications give students the tools to build a brighter future and the hands-on knowledge to apply to the world outside of the classroom.
According to the Certiport website, a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is the leading IT certification in the world. More than 1 million MOS exams are taken every year in over 140 countries.  In addition, Mrs. Fitzgerald adds that MOS certifications help our young people excel and succeed at enhancing individual productivity, marketability, and value. These certifications in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, & MS PowerPoint are globally recognized standards for digital literacy and desktop computing proficiency. Students that certify in these program are  much better prepared for success in both the classroom and the workplace.  The college or university student attend will independently decide whether to grant credit and waive associated tuition requirements. Office Specialist certification increases employee competence, productivity, and credibility.  Office Specialist Certification and the ability of employees to competently use Microsoft Office Programs; work more efficiently and productively; achieve professional credibility with coworkers, customers, and employers, and obtain an advantage in hiring, promotion, and advancement decisions.
IBMA freshmen students take the OSHA 10 hour certification after a study on Government in Business and a project on regulatory agencies and how businesses work with the regulations. After learning about the regulation the students have the opportunity to gain a certification that could give them an advantage with getting a part time job, will add to their resume, and give them more information about the importance of safety.
Our IBMA students are on the path towards success and have already developed real-world skills! We would like to send out a huge thank you to the teachers for so aptly preparing all of their students and to congratulate the following IBMA students:
Student NameGradeTeacherCertification
Tania A. 12Fitzgerald MOS PowerPoint & Word 
Justin A. Nowlin OSHA 
Julio B.Nowlin OSHA 
Ethan B.   11 Fitzgerald MOS PowerPoint & Word 
Landre B. Nowlin OSHA 
Allison C. Nowlin OSHA 
Jessica C. 10 Fitzgerald MOS Word
Alana D. Nowlin OSHA 
Aisha D. Nowlin OSHA 
Norah-Jean D. 12 Fitzgerald MOS PowerPoint & Word 
Linda F. Nowlin OSHA 
Kayla G. Nowlin OSHA 
Henrietta G. Nowlin OSHA 
Yusuf G. Nowlin OSHA 
Marintia H. Nowlin OSHA 
Emily H. Nowlin OSHA 
Jamie H. Nowlin OSHA 
Daniel H. 10 Fitzgerald MOS PowerPoint
Jasmine J. 12 Fitzgerald MOS PowerPoint & Word 
Dominic L. 11Fitzgerald MOS PowerPoint & Word 
Ryan L. Nowlin OSHA 
Selina M. 12 Fitzgerald MOS PowerPoint
LaShara M. Nowlin OSHA 
Aleigha M. Nowlin OSHA 
Joseph N. 10 Fitzgerald MOS PowerPoint & Word 
Michael N. Nowlin OSHA 
Chinonso O. 10 Fitzgerald MOS PowerPoint & Word 
Raymond P. Nowlin OSHA 
Daniel P. Nowlin OSHA 
Andie Q. Nowlin  OSHA 
Austin R. Nowlin OSHA 
Nichelle R. 12 Fitzgerald MOS PowerPoint 
Iverson R. Nowlin OSHA 
Brianna R. Nowlin OSHA 
Ronald S. Nowlin OSHA 
Paxton S. Nowlin OSHA 
Rain S. Nowlin OSHA 
Milahn T. Nowlin OSHA 
Bianka T. 10 Fitzgerald MOS PowerPoint & Word 
Justin T. Nowlin OSHA 
Kenajah U. Nowlin OSHA 
Rohan V. Nowlin OSHA 
Samira V. Nowlin OSHA 
Jaylen W. Nowlin OSHA 
Skylour W. Nowlin OSHA 
Zachary Z. Nowlin OSHA