Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) 
Through the coherent sequence of engineering courses, students are exposed to hands-on problem-solving for real-world problems.  Engineering coursework supports concepts and skills learned in science and math.  Curriculum for these courses is developed by Project Lead the Way and is recognized nationally by many college engineering programs.  Learn more about earning college credit for the completion of this coursework by visiting Texas PLTW College Credit.  Students who complete a combination of PLTW courses, AP courses and are successful on the exams are eligible to receive recognition by the College Board.  Information can be found at AP + PLTW.
Coherent Sequence: 2017 and beyond:
PLTW: Introduction to Engineering Design  PLTW: Principles of Engineering PLTW: Civil Engineering and Architecture PLTW: Engineering Design and Development 
Career pathway options represent the following industries:
- Engineering
- Computer Development
- Space and Underwater Exploration
- Mathematics
- Research and Development
- Medical Research