Career and Technical Education (CTE) Participation for Online Students

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Participation for Online Students 

Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides challenging career pathways for every student utilizing real-world experiences and evolving skill sets, attitudes, and behaviors. Regardless of whether students choose face-to-face or 100-percent online learning, all high school students will have access to CTE Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) opportunities. Participation in CTSOs is vital to the complete student experience in CTE programs. According to research conducted by the National Coordinating Council for CTSO (NCC-CTSO), students who participate in CTSOs demonstrate higher levels of academic engagement and motivation, civic engagement, career self-efficacy, and employability skills than other students. CTSOs are specifically aligned to courses and are co-curricular in nature. During the start of the school year and the period of online-only learning, there may not be face-to-face CTE activities. Because of the specialized hands-on lab based TEKS requirements for some of the CTE courses, 100-percent online learning may not be possible for all CTE courses. Students whose courses will require face-to-face instruction have been notified. Additional CTE courses may require face-to-face during the course of the year. Flexible options for fulfilling the face-to-face instruction will be available.

CTE Participation for Face-to-Face Students

The TEKS associated with many CTE courses require hands-on lab experiences. For safety and equipment access reasons, there may be difficulty in replicating environments to build identified skill sets outside of the traditional classroom. Lab components of specific CTE courses may require students to return to face-to-face learning environments at some point during the school year. Each classes return date will be based on providing adequate delivery and development of skills identified in the course TEKS. For Fall 2020 Back to School Plan as of September 14, 2020 61 example, Electrical Tech I, Cosmetology, and Anatomy and Physiology may require face-to-face lab work for the majority of the school year while Aerospace Engineering may only require lab experiences during the second semester. The CTE Course Resources Chart (Appendix - Exhibit I) includes the courses that may require face-to-face instruction. Students who participate in CTE programs offered at Reese Center will be required to attend face-to-face classes; however, they may elect to remain in an online learning environment for home campus courses.

CTE Participation for Online Students

Once face-to-face learning resumes, regardless of whether students choose face-to-face or 100-percent online learning, high school students enrolled in the appropriate CTE courses will have access to CTSO opportunities. Students who have chosen to learn 100-percent online may participate with their CTSO peers in face-to-face meetings, events, practices, and competitions. Students who do not participate in face-to-face course experiences and CTSO activities may be unable to fulfill some of the requirements for specific competitions. CTE will update information on the CTE website under the 2020-2021 Instructional Updates Tab.