Schools as Learning Centers

Schools as Learning Centers

In order to support student’s online learning success, Fort Bend ISD has developed a conceptual framework for Learning Centers that will help serve students with unique needs, with priority given to staff, first responders, essential medical workers and active US Military. The need for internet connectivity during the instructional day and the need for adult supervision during the instructional day will also be factored in determining placement to the centers.

To staff these centers, Fort Bend ISD plans to hire and redirect non-instructional staff to monitor students. FBISD will strategically locate these centers to serve the needs of staff and the community.

FBISD will also continue to offer Extended Learning prior to the start and end of the school day at the Learning Center sites for those families who are interested in participating.


Learning Center Locations for Grades PreK-5 by Feeder Pattern

Austin HS Feeder – Walker Station Elementary

Bush HS Feeder – Patterson Elementary

Clements HS Feeder – Settlers Way Elementary

Dulles HS Feeder – Dulles Elementary

Elkins HS Feeder – Sullivan Elementary

Hightower HS Feeder – Palmer Elementary

Kempner HS Feeder – Drabek Elementary

Marshall HS Feeder – Armstrong Elementary

Ridge Point HS Feeder – Sienna Crossing Elementary & Schiff Elementary

Travis HS Feeder – Pecan Grove Elementary & Neill Elementary

Willowridge HS Feeder – Blue Ridge Elementary

All FBISD secondary campuses will have a Learning Center on site with a few exceptions due to construction being completed and other factors. The secondary campuses who do not have a Learning Center are:

  • Dulles Middle School
  • Fort Settlement Middle School
  • James Reese CTE Center
  • Kempner High School
  • Progressive High School

For the campuses listed above who do not have a Learning Center, we will work to seat these students at the closest campus- which is usually the middle school or high school in the feeder pattern.