Health and Safety Precautions and Protocols

Health and Safety Precautions and Protocols

The District will develop a systemic awareness and education communication program, aimed at every member of the FBISD community, regarding the following Health and Safety Protocols:


EDUCATION – FBISD will continue to educate our community about preventative efforts and their importance.

Wellness Monitors & Checks

WELLNESS MONITORS & CHECKS – All staff and students will be screened prior to entrance at campuses and worksites, including no-contact temperature checks. At least one wellness monitor will be assigned to each campus to assist in these efforts.

Hand Washing

HAND WASHING – Handwashing protocols will be in place at all campuses, including designated times for mandatory handwashing.

Face Coverings

FACE COVERINGS – Face coverings will be required of all students, staff and visitors.

Social Distancing

SOCIAL DISTANCING – Social distancing of at least six feet will be in place at all times when possible, including in classrooms.

Cleaning Protocols

CLEANING PROTOCOLS – FBISD will have rigorous cleaning protocols in place throughout the day with hospital-grade products.

Diagnosis and Exposure Protocols

DIAGNOSIS & EXPOSURE PROTOCOLS– All campuses will have trained COVID response teams who will be responsible for assisting in all investigations and contact tracing.