May Events



5.10 5th Grade Math STAAR

5.11 4th Grade Math STAAR

5.12 3rd Grade Math STAAR

5.13 5th Grade Reading STAAR

5.16 4th Grade Reading STAAR

5.17 3rd Grade Reading STAAR

5.18 5th Grade Science STAAR

5.19-20 STAAR online makeup

5.19 Space Cowboys National Anthem by SME 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders

5.19 PreK awards 8:30 AM and K awards 9:15 AM, cafe then classroom

5.20 1st Grade classroom awards 2:00 PM // 5th Grade Parent Party outside of school

5.23 Career Day in the AM- virtual

5.23 2nd Grade classroom awards 2 PM

5.24 3rd Grade classroom awards 8:30 AM // 4th Grade classroom awards 2 PM

5.25 5th Grade awards 8:30 AM cafeteria// 5th Grade Party- Ultimate Recess

5.26 Last Day of School! ½ Day Early Release