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Rainy Day Dismissal

  • Mrs. Bruhn always communicate rainy day dismissal on Class Dojo at 3pm.
  • Teachers should have a rainy day dismissal plan for each student and will document this on a roster.
  • Car riders, Bus Riders, Daycare and Extended Day students will follow the same procedures as a regular dismissal day.
  • Walkers/Bikers and Gazebo Walkers will have two options for dismissal:
    • #1 Walker/Bikers/Gazebo Walkers will go home as a car rider. These students will join the car rider dismissal. Parents should get in the car rider line with the blue QR code.
    • #2 Walkers/Bikers/Gazebo Walkers will meet parents to be released to walk in the rain. (See below.)
    • If the rainy day plan for your student is to continue to be a walker/biker (Gazebo or bike rack walker) The PGE staff will bring the students to the following locations:
      • Gazebo walkers will meet at the same location as regular dismissal. All parents from each grade level will be called to come get the kids. For example: PK students will be matched first, followed by Kinder, 2nd, etc.
      • Walkers/Bikers will meet at the entrance/exit near the bike rack. All parents from each grade level will be called to come get the kids starting with PK, Kinder, 1st, etc.
    • It is very important that we are able to make sure students are safely released to parents.
  • We are asking parents not to park on Jane Long League Drive during arrival and dismissal as this causes problems for our car rider lines.