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Supporting your child during testing season - February 2017


In the coming months, many Fort Bend ISD students will take various assessments, including the S.T.A.A.R. In some cases, performance on these tests will determine whether or not they are promoted to the next grade, or help determine entrance into college. While tests can prompt many emotions, FBISD administrators say parents can do their part to ensure their child’s success by providing support and encouragement.


Oyster Creek Elementary Principal Lisa Langston encourages her students to believe in themselves.


“A strong belief means that no matter the test or the test question, they will be able to approach it with confidence,” Langston said. “This doesn't guarantee a correct answer every time, but it does mean that they will remain calm and try their best with problem solving and using the learning strategies that have been poured into them.”


Langston said it is just as important for parents to believe in their children. This is a time when parents need to help their children stand strong in putting forth their best effort.


“I ask parents to believe that the love and support they have shown their children and their child's teacher all year long - matters!  I ask them to model low stress and anxiety when speaking with their children about high-stakes tests.” 


Julie Diaz, principal of Travis High School, reminds her students that the scores they receive on these tests do not paint the whole picture.


“What we want you to remember, and take to heart, is that no matter how important these tests are, they do not always assess everything that make each of you special and unique,” Diaz wrote to students last year. “The scores you get back will tell you something, but they will not tell you everything. They do not even come close to assessing the ‘gold’ each of you has inside.”


Be on the lookout for information from your child’s campus for specific testing dates and other important information such whether or not your child needs a sack lunch the day of the test.


In addition, please make sure your child arrives on time each testing day having had sufficient rest and a good breakfast in order to be successful. Avoid scheduling doctor’s appointments on these dates as well.