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Connecting Students (and Parents!) to Success - September 2016

Sometimes helping parents first is key in driving student success, and Fort Bend ISD wants to give parents the tools they need to help their students achieve in and out of the classroom. No doubt, getting your children back into the school routine can be tough.


For parents looking for guidance, special workshops are held throughout the year on an array of topics --- from dealing with children’s behavioral issues, tips on how to help children study, and even advice on how to get your children college and career ready.


Don’t know where to start? Not to worry! We’ve got you covered. Just contact the counselor on your child’s campus.


“They’re overall comprehensive counselors, especially in middle school and high school,” said Kelly Fox, Secondary Counselor Coordinator. “They advise on academic issues, but they also help students and parents with social issues and more.”


The District also reaches out to families who may be in more critical or sensitive situations.


“Our goal is to build a partnership between the school and the home in order for parents to be involved,” said Amanda Hartley, Assistant Director for State & Federal Programs.


One way that partnership is built is through parent educators who offer parents classes on a variety of topics. Such courses include literacy classes for parents who need help with reading. There’s also computer courses to help parents better understand how to use a computer or social media. There’s even classes for parents who may not have their high school diploma and are looking to obtain their GED.


Offering our diverse population of parents these resources gives them the tools to provide their child with academic support at home.  


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Connecting Students

Fort Bend ISD also works to provide our students with the tools they need for success, and it all starts by building a positive mindset around school.  


“Sometimes students aren’t always bouncing back from setbacks, and that starts at a young age to be able to have that mindset that it’s okay to make a mistake and that you can learn and grow from that,” said Heather Bowman, Elementary Counselor Coordinator. “When you have a natural consequence at a young age, when the price is small, those can be teachable moments about responsibility, goal setting and following through.”


Fort Bend ISD offers counseling services to every student.


“Counseling in the school world is for every single child in school,” said Fox. “It’s not just for children who are having problems. Counselors are for every student.”


They provide great services for all students in the areas of:


-          Guidance Curriculum

-          Responsive Services

-          Individual Planning

-          System Support


The District also addresses other unique situations some students might face, such as homelessness.


“The first factor to consider for student success is taking care of basic human needs, which are shelter, food, safety and security,” Hartley said. “We have social workers who do a lot of family outreach, including home visits.”


The next step is identifying what the problem might be, and connecting each student to District and community resources in order to tackle the problem.



There’s no doubt that school attendance is also critical in student success. September is School Attendance Awareness Month, part of a national campaign aimed at raising awareness on the importance of going to school. According to Attendance Awareness 2016, as many as one out of 10 students nationwide is chronically absent. That means they are missing 10% or more of school days, or nearly a month.


“School attendance is extremely vital for students and teachers, and not just for the obvious reasons of staying on top of assignments, learning goals and content,” said Richard Embrick, 2016 Secondary Teacher of the Year.


Embrick teaches at David Crockett Middle School, and knows just how much students benefit from attending school.


“Students in school are able to build and foster relationships and not miss out on opportunities that life often brings in subtle ways,” said Embrick.


2016 Elementary Teacher of the Year Cleveland Mouton teaches math at Briargate Elementary School and also understands the importance of attendance.


“Students needs to be present in school to learn, collaborate, and experience hands-on activities during the initial lesson,” said Mouton.


Here’s a few tips to consider to help your child’s attendance.


-          Schedule doctor’s appointments before or after school, or during holidays.

-          If your child is ill, email the Attendance Clerk the first morning of their absence.

-          Arrive to school on time and attend every class period.

-          Make school attendance a habit and routine.

-          If your child works, make sure their job doesn’t require working during the school day or after 10 p.m. on school nights.

-          Ask for help from your campus counselor if you are having trouble with your child.


By partnering with parents, Fort Bend ISD is inspiring and equipping all students to pursue a future beyond what they can imagine.  For more information about Fort Bend ID, visit