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Latest FBISD Impact Award winner is First Colony Middle School teacher Melanie Bates

Fort Bend ISD (June 25, 2024) – The district’s most recent Impact Award winner is First Colony Middle School Math Department leader Melanie Bates who has a profound impact on students past and present, with many former students routinely reaching out to let her know how much they appreciate all she taught them.

In fact, Bates was nominated by a former student who now attends Elkins High School. The student wrote a very touching personal account of the kind of support she received from her teacher.

“When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, Mrs. Bates helped me through the uncertainty and was always there for me,” former student Dhruti Pathak wrote. “She is one of the most dedicated and caring teachers I have ever met.”

Pathak also said Bates is an exceptional math instructor who makes certain her students are well-prepared for high school before they leave middle school, and she holds “phenomenal” prep sessions. She added that Bates also makes sure her students are prepared for life “in the real world.”

Bates held back tears as FBISD Superintendent Dr. Marc Smith told her, “It is amazing how people feel they can accomplish anything because of your impact on them. You have touched so many people. Your legacy lives on because of that.”

Bates’ family was present during the surprise presentation, looking on with proud smiles as she received her award.

“I think it’s awesome that she’s being recognized for her dedication and mentorship that mean so much to her, “ husband Warren Bates said. “I see it first hand.”

The engraved message on Bates’ May 2024 award summed it up with these words: In recognition of making a difference in the lives of others with your great effort, your hard work, your selfless acts, and your commitment to kindness; you have made an impact!

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