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Community Letter Regarding UIL Violation (6/6/2024)

June 6, 2024

Hello Fort Bend ISD Community,

We are writing to make you aware of a University Interscholastic League (UIL) violation which was self-reported by the district and Austin High School, related to an ineligible athlete who engaged in competitive sports during the 2023-24 school year. The UIL issued consequences this morning in the matter.

The UIL’s State Executive Committee publicly reprimanded Austin High School and placed all its sports programs on probation for three years. The committee also issued the following:

Austin Co-Coordinator and Head Football Coach William Herrmann

  • 5-game suspension
  • 3-years’ probation
  • Public reprimand

Former Austin Freshmen Football and Basketball Coach Cameron Harvey

  • 2-game suspension from football
  • 2-years’ probation
  • Public reprimand

Austin Baseball and Football Coach Matthew Barnett

  • 2-game suspension from football
  • 2-years’ probation
  • Public reprimand

Austin Varsity Boys Basketball Coach Donald Linden

  • 2-game suspension from basketball
  • 2-years’ probation
  • Public reprimand

Austin High School Athletic Programs

  • Public reprimand for all programs
  • 3-years’ probation for all programs
  • Austin has forfeited a basketball game that included the ineligible player

Additionally, FBISD Athletic Director Dena Scott will provide a report to the UIL by August 1, 2024, on steps the district is taking to ensure this type of violation will not be repeated at any FBISD schools.

As proud members of the organization, Fort Bend ISD respects the UIL and the district has already taken appropriate steps to heighten awareness of and adherence to policies and procedures, and we have fortified staff training in athletic programs across the district.

We want to assure our parents, staff, students, athletes and the UIL that we are committed to maintaining compliance and working diligently to make sure all our programs align with the standards of excellence, transparency and fair play that have historically characterized FBISD athletics.

Fort Bend ISD