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We salute our crossing guards on Crossing Guard Appreciation Day and every day!

Fort Bend ISD (February 9, 2024) – Fort Bend ISD salutes our crossing guards on Crossing Guard Appreciation Day and every day! The Texas House of Representatives designated February 10 to recognize their “indispensable role in keeping children safe on their way to and from school.”

Bindhu Sheth
Everyone knows Bindhu Sheth’s name in the neighborhood surrounding Walker Station Elementary. She has worked as a crossing guard on the campus since January 2003 when her daughter attended school there.
During that time, she volunteered on the school’s PTO Board and served as her daughter’s classroom parent. Even though her daughter has long moved on, Sheth has maintained her relationships and connections with the families who live and work in the area. 

She happily walks to work each day from her nearby home. 

Harold Green

For the past 8 years, Harold Green has served as a crossing guard for Dulles Elementary, Middle and High schools. He enjoys building relationships with the students who come through his corner each day and encouraging them.
Green retired from the railroad industry after 40 years and works as a crossing guard to keep busy. He oftentimes receives handwritten notes and gifts from students and parents he makes an impact on.
“I thank the Lord every day to be able to stand on this corner. The only time I complain is when it’s 20 degrees,” Green said.

Green’s daughter is a graduate of Hightower High School.

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