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Fort Bend ISD mentor Jeff Showers is a game-changer in his students’ lives; here’s how you can be too!

Fort Bend ISD (February 8, 2024) – Watching one of his mentees of 10 years graduate after overcoming behavioral and academic obstacles inspires Jeff Showers to continue mentoring Fort Bend ISD students and encourage others to volunteer. 

“Seeing my students’ success motivates me to continue volunteering,” Showers said.   

Eleven years ago, Showers’ church held a shoe drive to benefit students at Townewest Elementary. When he asked how else he could contribute, the principal suggested mentoring. Showers has volunteered since then, except for during the pandemic. He has mentored 10 students on a few different campuses, many for multiple years in a row.  

“I see the benefits and need for consistency,” he said. “I make a point to get to know each of my students, their teachers and their families so I can help them with their specific needs.” Showers also attends some of his students’ extracurricular activities. 

Showers is a retired teacher, but mentoring does not require someone with a background in education. He typically tutors students in basic mathematics, reading, spelling and vocabulary. 

Showers currently mentors a student at Townewest Elementary and another at Sugar Land Middle School. 

Mentoring in Fort Bend ISD 

According to, students with a mentor are 52 percent less likely to skip a day of school, 78 percent more likely to volunteer in their community and 130 percent more likely to hold leadership positions in school activities. 

FBISD’s Collaborative Communities Department uses three different models to meet the needs of its students. All mentors meet with their mentees for approximately 30 minutes, once a week. 

Community-to-Student: Community members read developmentally appropriate books to elementary-aged students. Community members are required to attend training provided by the district before being assigned a mentee.  

District-to-Student: The “All-In Mentoring Program” encourages district employees to provide literacy support in partnership with campus staff.                                                                                                             

Peer-to-Peer: High school upperclassmen mentor freshmen students, or eighth grade students mentor sixth grade students. The focus of peer mentoring is on social-emotional health, decision-making skills and a successful transition to each grade level. 

More information about becoming a mentor in FBISD can be found at