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Prevent "summer setback": helpful hints to keep students reading (6/15/2022)

Summer reading prevents the “summer setback” that often happens when students refrain from reading. Research has shown that students who do not continue to read in the summer can decline in academic achievement.

In addition, some secondary campuses may have specific expectations or recommendations posted on their campus websites.

Fort Bend ISD’s Teaching and Learning Department shares tips to help parents and guardians encourage their children to read.

  • Set a goal for your child to read 30 minutes a day. Keep track of their time spent reading and celebrate when they meet their goal.
  •    Visit your public library. Fort Bend County and Harris County Public libraries provide a wide range of educational summer programs including reading challenges that provide incentives and rewards.
  • Help your child find books that best suit their interest. Author James Patterson said, “There is no such thing as a kid who hates reading. There are kids who love reading, and kids who are reading the wrong book.” FBISD students have access to thousands of free e-books and audio books in Sora. (See resources below.)

  • Be flexible. Reading is supposed to be enjoyable. Work with your reader to find the right book for them, the right time of day to read, the right goal to set, etc.

  • If your child is always on the internet, encourage them to do their own fact-checking and research topics of interest that are sparked from the books they read.

Resources with free books:

  • FBISD students can find more than 27,000 ebooks and 1,500 audiobooks in Sora. Students can access these books by logging into 1Link  and clicking on the Sora link.

Additional tips and resources can be found on the District’s Summer Reading webpage.