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We salute FBISD Deputy Superintendent Diana Sayavedra during National Hispanic Heritage Month (10/13/2021)

Fort Bend ISD (Oct. 13, 2021) - This year’s theme for National Hispanic Heritage Month is esperanza, which means hope, and for Fort Bend ISD Deputy Superintendent Diana Sayavedra, her esperanza as a child was to one day become a teacher.

Both of her parents were educators, but her father’s tenacity influenced her decision the most.

“My father did not start school until he was 11-years-old however, he graduated from high school at 19, earned his bachelor’s degree from Trinity University, his master’s degree from North Texas State University, and his Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin,” Sayavedra said.  

She said her fondest childhood memories are of the summers her family spent at the University of Wyoming where her father worked with the National Science Foundation. 

“As a family, we lived in the dorms at the university,” she said. “We spent three summers there. My parents became lifelong friends with the other families."  

Sayavedra’s maternal and paternal grandparents were from Mexico. Her father is from Guadalajara, Mexico and her mother is from a small town close to Corpus Christie called Benavides, Texas. Sayavedra was born in Alice, Texas, but grew up in Laredo with her older sister and brother.

“When we were young, my father would sing songs to us that were rich in Mexican culture like Las Mananitas, De Colores, Volver, Mexico Lindo and Guadalajara,” she said. “Now I am moved by music, art and dance. My daughter and I often go to see Mariachi Bands and Ballet Folklorico.” 

Sayavedra said education changed the trajectory of her family and that is why she is so passionate about her work. She and her siblings earned advanced college degrees.  

“I believe education is the opportunity equalizer and that’s why I am committed to ensuring each child receives a high-quality educational experience,” Sayavedra said. “My father credits his success to teachers and can name each teacher who impacted his life.”

Sayavedra received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Science degree in Education Administration from Texas A & M International University.  Currently she is completing her doctorate in education at Texas A & M University.

During Deputy Superintendent Sayavedra’s tenure with FBISD, she has served as Chief Academic Officer and early in her career she served as principal at Elkins High School and Sugar Land Middle School. Before joining FBISD, she was the Executive Director and Director of Curriculum and Instruction in Pflugerville ISD. She was also a middle school principal there. Before that, she was a middle school principal in Austin ISD.

Sayavedra said Hispanic Heritage Month is a reminder to always remember and be proud of where you come from. She firmly believes that one must know where they come from in order to create a path to where they are going. Her message of esperanza to students is “for each of them to realize their greatness, be bold and be courageous.”

 Diana Sayavedra