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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Fort Bend ISD announces plans to resume instruction

Fort Bend ISD announces plans to resume instruction - All schools will resume with online learning from Wednesday, February 24, through Friday, February 26.
Tuesday, February 23 to be a staff workday in preparation of student learning 

Over the last few days, FBISD has been engaging with teachers and staff throughout the District to assess and fully understand their ability to return to work and what challenges we face to maintain business continuity in the aftermath of the winter storm. Their well-being and ability to return to work is paramount and critical in our decision as we plan for a return to District operations and resume student learning. After receiving responses from work groups across the entire organization, and with careful consideration, we have determined that it will be in the best interest of our students and staff to resume instruction virtually this week.

Beginning Wednesday, February 24 through Friday, February 26, all students will receive online learning, giving our families and staff continued flexibility as we continue to navigate the storm’s aftermath. Please note that this is not full-time asynchronous learning. Students will be expected to participate in scheduled synchronous learning time with their teachers. You will hear directly from your teachers and campus regarding the schedule and other details for this week.

Tuesday, February 23 will be a virtual workday for most FBISD staff members (unless they are called onsite) as we prepare for the online learning that will resume Wednesday. 

Our dedicated facilities and operations team members have made significant progress to repair and restore our campuses, buildings and systems. That process is ongoing and I thank them for their hard work despite difficult circumstances. 

FBISD will resume face-to-face instruction and normal operations on Monday, March 1.

I want to reiterate we are aware of the challenges our community is facing, and we considered many factors as we came to this decision, including the ongoing repairs at some campuses that were heavily impacted by the storm. We understand the effects of the winter storm will certainly be felt beyond this week, as many continue to restore homes, replace essential items, lend a helping hand to our loved ones, and once again, get back up on our feet. I want you to know that you have the full support of your District behind you and the decisions we make will be guided by our care and concern for our students, staff and community.

It is our hope our return timeline provides our community with the time and flexibility you need to address your immediate needs. I want to personally thank you for your resilience and support, not just for your response in the wake of the winter storm, but throughout this unprecedented year that has, time and time again, tested us on many levels. Your public school district remains steadfast in our dedication to doing what is right and best for our students and community each and every day.

Charles Dupre

Schedule for Tuesday, February 23, through Friday, February 26

Tuesday, February 23

  • No online learning for students. 
  • Virtual workday for most staff (unless they are called onsite).
  • Select staff members will return in-person as directed by their supervisor.

Wednesday, February 24

  • Online learning resumes for all FBISD schools.
  • Grab and Go meals is shifting to Wednesday this week to coincide with the resumption of online learning. Pick up is available at all existing campuses except Hightower High School. For information, please visit the District website. 

Thursday, February 25

  • Online learning day for all FBISD schools. 
  • Grab and Go pick up to include meals for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, as normal. Pick up at Hightower High School will not be available. 

Friday, February 26

  • Online learning day for all FBISD schools. 

Daily Wellness Screening and Contact Tracing
As a reminder, contact tracing has resumed and we ask that you please continue to report symptoms, exposures and positive tests in your daily wellness screening so we can mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our community.   

Effective immediately, all athletic competitions and practices will resume as scheduled. Please refer to communication sent from your child’s coach regarding any schedule changes that may have occurred. 

Fine Arts
Effective immediately, all Fine Arts extracurricular rehearsals and competitions will resume as scheduled. Please refer to communications sent from your child’s Fine Arts instructor regarding scheduling for February 22-28, 2021.   

Child Nutrition
Child Nutrition will resume curbside grab-and-go meals on Wednesday, February 24 to coincide with the District’s resumption of online learning. Pick up will be at all available campuses except Hightower High School. Thursday’s grab-and-go will include meals for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, as normal.