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Important Update (12/30/2020)

FORT BEND ISD (December 30, 2020) – In an effort to ensure a healthy learning and working environment, Fort Bend ISD continues to monitor positive COVID-19 cases reported by staff and students throughout the Winter Break. The FBISD Executive Leadership Team and the FBISD COVID-19 Response Team have conducted a thorough review of the data, and at this time there is no indication of a need to change the current back to school plans for Term 3.

Important Reminder: All students and staff must continue to report any symptoms, exposures and positive cases immediately in the daily Wellness Screening. The FBISD Contact Tracing Team will continue working every day with the exception of New Year’s Day.

In accordance with the COVID Response Plan, FBISD continually monitors a variety of internal and external indicators to evaluate the impact at the District and campus level. The District will also continue to closely monitor the number of staff exposures and positive cases at each campus as this can directly affect business continuity and the ability to provide appropriate staff support for all students. On Sunday, FBISD’s Executive Leadership Team will meet to reevaluate the status of the District with the guidance of FBISD’s COVID-19 Response Team to ensure uninterrupted learning for students can begin as planned on Thursday, January 7.

Please continue to follow all established COVID mitigation protocols – wear a face covering, socially distance, avoid large gatherings, wash hands and use hand sanitizer. It is also important that you monitor for symptoms and see a physician if you or your student exhibits symptoms of COVID.

We look forward to welcoming students back to school on Thursday, January 7.