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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Contact tracing and reporting positive cases of COVID-19 over holiday break (11/20/2020)

FORT BEND ISD (November 20, 2020) – Contact tracing is an important part of Fort Bend ISD’s health and safety protocols.  It is a collaboration between FBISD, the Fort Bend County Health Department and other area county health departments with the goal of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

An important part of contact tracing is the daily wellness screening that students and their parents complete in Skyward each day. Our staff complete their screenings via a daily link they receive via email, text or share point link.

Results of the wellness screening are routed directly to our FBISD Contact Tracing Team.  This team, of Johns Hopkins-trained contact tracers, immediately call students or staff who report COVD-19 symptoms, exposures to a confirmed positive case or a positive test result. Students, parents and staff are encouraged to make these reports even on weekends and days off, as our contact tracing team works seven days a week/

Reporting Positive Cases During the Holiday Break

This is especially important to keep in mind with the holidays approaching. Please continue to report symptoms, exposures and positive results immediately in your daily wellness screening over the breaks as our contact tracing team will work every day over the Thanksgiving and Winter break with the exception of Thanksgiving Day, Friday, November 27th, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Everyone in FBISD has an important role in contact tracing. It is important that staff and students stay home if they don’t feel well and report symptoms, exposures, and positive test results in the daily wellness screening. And follow guidance from the FBISD Contact Tracing Team.  It is the District and Campus staff’s responsibility to conduct timely and thorough investigations and to communicate transparently when a campus or District department is impacted by a positive COVID-19 case. We can all work together to slow the spread of the virus and to help ensure a successful and safe school year!

Note: Following the Thanksgiving Holiday Break, campuses will provide an update regarding new cases reported over the break during the weekend of November 28 – 29.