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Health and safety reminders from Dr. Charles Dupre, FBISD Superintendent of Schools (3/24/2020)


I want to draw your attention to a few important matters related to the current school closure and the regional efforts to minimize the spread of illness. 


I am pleased that so many families are connecting to our FBISD At-Home Learning webpage for educational resources as we prepare for the transition to online learning. I’ll be back on Thursday to provide more details on what parents and students can expect beginning next week, but right now, I want to share updates on a few health and safety reminders.


We know many are managing the well-being of their family by spending time outdoors. This includes going to playgrounds at your neighborhood school. At this time, we consider our school campuses to be closed, including the playground. Although our playground equipment is not secured and is openly accessible, we do not believe it is safe for children to play on the equipment because they are not being monitored for social distancing and the equipment is not being cleaned. To protect the health of your children, please do not take them to play on the school playground at this time.


I also want to remind you to take social distancing seriously. I am hearing concerns from many students and parents that our children are still being invited to sleepovers and playdates with other children. Generally, these types of gatherings are not safe and are being discouraged by health officials.  Many of our students are social and connecting with their friends is important to them, and remaining connected will be beneficial during this pandemic. But it is important that they find new, healthy ways to connect that do not place their health at risk. Please hold your children accountable for maintaining appropriate social distancing.


And, finally, perhaps the most important matter we all need to attend to during this difficult season – mental health. Personally, i have trouble staying focused and upbeat when my life is out of rhythm – I like routine and consistency. I know i am not alone. Many adults require a consistent routine, and most of our children thrive in a structured, ordered environment. So it is not surprising that many in our community are feeling stress and anxiety. It is essential that we recognize and address our own needs and the needs of our children. Build a daily schedule that includes structured activities for children, but also opportunities for adults to have quiet time for reflection and re-centering. Manage your own expectations about how children should behave and be alert as to when patience may be wearing thin. Determine what works best for your family and be diligent about sticking to those rhythms and routines. The FBISD website includes resources that provide helpful information to help you successfully navigate this crisis; including teacher talks with specific ways you can support your children and family.


Fort Bend ISD is here to serve our families in this time of uncertainty – and we look forward to engaging with our students in new ways. Again, I’ll be back on Thursday with another update. Until then, let’s work together to stay safe and support our community.