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New program of choice for high school students, offered in partnership with the University of Houston (1/14/2020)

The Fine Arts Department would like to share exciting news about a new opportunity recently approved by the FBISD Board of Trustees starting this fall: the Piano Technician Certification Program, the first of its kind in any high school in the nation!


In this innovative program of choice, students will develop the necessary skills to work as a professional piano tuner or piano technician upon graduation. Piano technicians tune, repair, and regulate pianos (adjust the timbre of the strings) at concert venues, as well as colleges and universities. Due to a lack of training programs, these professionals are in great demand across the world. The starting salary for a piano tuner is $45,000 and piano technicians earn $60,000+ annually. There are no gender or physical limitations for piano tuners and piano technicians beyond the ability to use hand tools and distinguish pitch. Students wishing to pursue a career in music can use their piano tuner/technician skills to pay for their college education.


The Piano Technician program will be housed and taught at Marshall High School as a series of four one-year courses to any interested FBISD high school students. Transportation will be available to/from Marshall High School through the Early College High School program. Students enrolled in the Piano Technician program will study the parts of the piano and their function, as well as how to tune, repair, move, and finish pianos. Financial literacy and operating a small business also are part of the curriculum. The Piano Technician program is a collaborative effort between FBISD and the University of Houston’s Moores School of Music. Students will earn high school credit as well as two industry certifications upon high school graduation and may pursue post-secondary training and certification as a Master Piano Technician at the University of Houston. There are opportunities for additional training and apprenticeships through piano retailers and manufacturers.


Programs of Choice Information Fair – This Thursday

FBISD Department of Fine Arts is proud to offer this first-of-a-kind Piano Technician Program! More information will be available at the Programs of Choice Information Fair this Thursday, January 16, from 7-8 PM at the FBISD Administrative Annex, 3119 Sweetwater Blvd., Sugar Land, TX 77479.