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Update: School Boundary Oversight Committee to be established in October (9/17/2019)

Throughout the last several months, Fort Bend ISD has been continuously working to refine the attendance boundary development process in accordance with revisions to Board Policy FC (Local). During the September 23 Board meeting, the Board will consider some additional policy revisions to provide additional clarity and better define the process and role of the oversight committee.


As a result of the pending Board action, the administration is now planning to present SBOC consideration to the Board in October, rather than September as originally planned.


The District is appreciative of all of the community members who submitted applications to be a part of this committee, and will notify them of their membership status in October.




The FBISD Board of Trustees modified its policy that addresses school attendance areas in May 2019 and established the development of the SBOC, which specifies that membership shall include one community member and three parents from each high school feeder pattern (which consists of elementary schools, middle schools, and one high school).


As defined in Board Policy FC (Local), school attendance boundaries are established by the Board upon recommendation of the Superintendent, with oversight for the Board by the SBOC. Policy also states that school attendance boundaries shall change whenever a new school is needed, a need to balance enrollment exists, or when it is determined to be in the best interest of students.


As an oversight committee, the SBOC will also be charged with gaining community input on any proposed change.