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Houston Texans player D.J. Reader eats breakfast and exercises with Ridgemont Elementary students (3/7/2019)

FORT BEND ISD (March 7, 2019) – To help teach students about the importance of eating a healthy breakfast and getting plenty of exercise each day, Houston Texans defensive end D.J. Reader joined Ridgemont Elementary students for the Dairy MAX Fuel Greatness Breakfast Games. The event is supported by the Houston Texans and Fuel Up to Play 60 (FUTP 60).


“I’m super excited to teach the kids about Fuel Up to Play 60 and how important it is to eat breakfast and get the fuel they need to start the day and be successful in the classroom,” said Reader.


The event began with a “Grab ‘N Go”” breakfast in the school’s cafeteria, followed by presentations by Reader, Texas FUTP 60 State Student Ambassador Jimena Tinoco, and a local dairy farmer. To get a physical workout, three teams of students then participated in a three-part obstacle course challenge before a cheering crowd of supporters.


RME student Jeziah Pratt looks forward to taking part in FUTP 60 activities each day.


“We learn a lot from Coach Nash on how to be active,” said Pratt. “She teaches us new games and how to eat healthy and stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.”


Student Elam Sowell agrees. “Coach Nash keeps us active, inside and outside the school. We get to visit the ABL (Action-Based Learning) lab and run drills. At home I play football every day, as long as the weather is good.”


Ridgemont won the Reader visit through a school breakfast challenge. The Dairy MAX Fuel Greatness Games highlights the success of FBISD’s Child Nutrition Department in providing healthy breakfast choices for students and encouraging students to see food as fuel to start their day.


See more photos on FBISD’s Facebook page.


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