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LOMS PRIDE Incentive Program

Our PBIS PRIDE program is designed to promote positive behavior, create a supportive and respectful school culture, and provide students with the opportunity to earn points that can be redeemed for exciting rewards.


PBIS PRIDE Incentive Program:

Students can earn PRIDE points by demonstrating exemplary behavior in various aspects of school life. These points are awarded for acts of kindness, respect, responsibility, integrity, and perseverance. We aim to reinforce the values and behaviors that make our school community a positive and nurturing place for all.



How It Works:

Teachers and staff will award PRIDE points to students who display outstanding behavior.

Students can accumulate these points throughout the school year. Students and staff will use the 5-Star Student app to track points. See the below flyer to download the app. 


Points can be redeemed for fantastic rewards, such as special privileges, classroom rewards, and more.


We encourage you to discuss this program with your child, as it's a wonderful opportunity for them to actively participate in creating a positive and respectful school environment. By working together, we can help our students achieve their best and make their middle school experience truly memorable.


5-Star Students App



Mustang PRIDE Points