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End Of Year REN360 Testing

Parent Letter English  Parent Letter Spanish

April 5, 2021


Dear Families,


In order to measure student growth in the areas of reading and mathematics for the 2020-2021 School year, the Renaissance 360 end of the year (EOY) assessments will be administered April 12th – April 30th.  During this window, FBISD teachers and staff will proctor the administration of the assessment for face-to-face AND online students. Campus leaders and/or teachers will be reaching out to you with more information regarding your child’s assessment times. To ensure a successful administration for both learning modalities, we are asking families to adhere to the following guidelines:

Online Students

·         Ensure student eats a good breakfast.

·         Ensure a quiet testing area that is free from distractions.

·         Ensure student is using a PC, not an iPad when possible. Test computer audio.

·         Provide paper and pencil for note taking during the assessment.

·         Help student access Renaissance via the FBISD 1link.  Explain to students that you cannot help them answer the questions.

·         The teacher will administer the assessment during a class period, advisory, scheduled intervention time, or through small group meeting invites. Parents will be informed of day/time of test(s). Please be sure your student is ready to test at the designated time.

·         All Kindergarten students must have headphones as the assessment is oral. The teacher will notify parents of students in grades 1-10 if the student requires headphones.

·         ALL students must keep their audio and video cameras on when taking the assessment. 

Face-to-Face Students

·         Ensure student eats a good breakfast.


·         All Kinder students must have headphones.


·         The teacher will administer the assessment during a class period, advisory, or scheduled intervention time. The teacher will inform parents of the chosen testing structure and day/time of test(s). 


In the online testing environment, family members/caregivers may only help students get online and log into the test site. Once the test begins, students are NOT permitted to use other people, devices, or any other resources to help them answer test questions.  For more information about Star Renaissance 360 Assessments, visit the FBISD Parent webpage or the Renaissance parent webpage.