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Student Password Information

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

We are very excited to welcome our students for the 2020-21 School Year. Due to the pandemic, Fort Bend ISD is transforming District operations and reimagining the way we educate our students. As we prepare for online learning, one of the most critical pieces of information for our students is their login credentials. We need your help in assisting our students with equipping them with this critical information and engaging with them in testing their login to ensure a smooth first day of school experience come August 17th

Please follow the instructions below to obtain the Student password Information by August 12th allowing you some time to help prepare our students for their start of school. 

  1. Click on the following link for Instructions for Family Access–Student Password Information and follow the instructions.
  1.  Have the student test their credentials by signing into 1Link using the 1Link username and password details stated in the Student Password Information Form.
  1. If you are having trouble logging in to the Family Access Portal please call the campus ADA, Data Entry, or Registrar for assistance. 

Thank you for your support in equipping our students as they are getting ready to reimagine the new norm.