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Parking/Student Drop-off Information 2021

Student Parking Permits are on sale.  The cost is $35.00 for the entire 2021 - 2022 School year.  All students that drive to school must have a Hightower High School Parking permit on the vehicle or the vehicle could possibly be booted, ticketed, or towed at the owner’s expense.  Student parking information and application is located on the Hightower High School webpage in the Student and Parent section.  


Please read and complete the application process before driving to school.


Students will park in the student parking lot.  This parking lot is located on the bus ramp side of the school.  Students will enter the parking lot through the gate on Hurricane Lane.  We have a Parking lot attendant to assist the students in the parking lot.


Students must have a valid Texas Driver’s License and currant Insurance on the Vehicle in order to purchase a Parking Permit.  Learners' Permits do not qualify as legal eligibility to operate a vehicle on school grounds.  Please read the campus parking guidelines before you purchase your parking permit.


Parent drop-off

Parents may drop students off for school between the auditorium and field house.  Please enter the driveway between Hall Stadium and Hightower High School.


You may contact Mr. Adams or Mrs. Brown if you have any concerns at 281-634-5247 or 281-634-5253.