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Assessment / Grading in Term 4

On April 7, our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Charles Dupre, sent a message to all FBISD staff and to all parents related to changes in the grading procedure for Term 4 (T4) that were approved by the Board of Trustees. To read his entire message, please visit this web page. The information below is a snapshot of the biggest ideas related to this adjustment.

  1. During T4, individual assignments will not be recorded in Skyward
  2. A Progress Report will be issued around April 30, and Report Cards will be issued at the end of the year
  3. Instead of a numeric grade, students will receive a "mark" for the Progress Report and the Report Card. A "mark" is a non-numeric assessment of student progress toward their expected learning
  4. The marks given will be: Has Not Engaged (HNE), Met Standard (M), or Did Not Meet Standard (DNM)
    • HNE (Has Not Engaged) - has not submitted anything in Schoology (this mark will only be used for Progress Report 8 on April 30)
    • DNM  (Does Not Meet Standard) - child is engaged in the work but has not yet demonstrated proficiency
    • M (Met Standard) - child is engaged in the work and demonstrates proficiency
  5. The adjusted curriculum, which is broken down into (approximately) weekly "focus" areas of the most important TEKS will afford students at least 1-2 opportunities to demonstrate proficiency with that week's focus. Teachers will communicate to students what proficiency looks like for any given focus. (Proficiency = Met Standard)
  6. The only courses that will report marks on the Progress Report and the Report Card are core courses and HS credit electives. Other electives and PE/Health will not report marks for either the Progress Report or the Report Card
  7. The final grade in each course for the 2019-20 school year is an average of T1, T2, and T3. Students who receive the "Did Not Meet Standard" mark for T4 are subject to review, and they may be required to complete accelerated instruction in the course(s) in which they received "Did Not Meet Standard." This is a significant reason for students to engage and do the work in T4

Managing Schoology Notifications

In our attempt to balance our communications with families, we will need your active participation. We want to make sure you get the information you need but not overwhelm you, either. This is where giving some thoughtful attention to your Schoology Notifications becomes crucial. It's sort of like managing the notifications on a smartphone. You can customize these notifications to suit your taste, all the way from being automatically notified for every little detail (i.e. the moment a teacher posts something in their Schoology course), only when the teacher sends their weekly message (i.e. a course "update" or an email message), or to shut off notifications altogether, as well as any manner of settings "in-between." It's up to you to set them up how you wish, and the link below will help you learn how to customize the notifications. It may take some tinkering on your part to get it "just right" for you and your family's preferences and needs.

We have asked teachers to limit themselves to a once-per-week message "push", and that this message is brief. This will allow you, the parent, to get a minimal number of messages. But because the messages will be brief, one of the most important things you as a parent can do is know that at any time, you have the freedom to visit the Parent Folder of any of your child's teachers' courses, as well as the parent folder for our campus Schoology page, as well, to proactively see what's there. When teachers send their once-per-week message out (which you may or may not receive, depending up on how you set up your notifications), they will also place this message into the Parent Folder. This allows you to see all parent communication for a given course, as well as any other tools, resources, and information you or child may need to be successful.

Once again, we ask that you honor our intentional efforts to minimize and streamline campus communication by ensuring you take time to learn about managing your Schoology Notifications. This is a learning process, and we may not get it completely right at first, but we are trying.

Your child's teacher will be adding content to special parent folders within Schoology, so you can see what is going at any time. Please visit the district's At-Home Learning website, which includes resources designed to show you, the parent, how to access Schoology and use it to support your child's online learning. Look for the section on the left called Online Learning Support.


Fine Arts Update - FBISD revised its Fine Arts engagment expectations on April 16. Please visit our webpage related to this topic  


Online Learning Schedule

There is no specific time each day that your child needs to log on to Schoology to complete these activities. However, encourage them to check in daily with their courses, using Schoology, beginning on Monday, March 30.

Middle School Online Learning Schedule 

Middle School Online Student Engagement & Learning Schedule - Starting March 30, 2020


SLMS Campus Teacher "Office Hours" and Virtual Conferencing Schedule

SLMS Campus Teacher "Office Hours" and Virtual Conferencing Schedule


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