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ScholarChip Student ID Badge Info

During Titan Time (Period 3) on Monday, January 27, students will receive (and sign for) their ScholarChip photo ID badge. Students will receive instructions on expectations regarding their use through a presentation during their Titan Time class. Initial expectations will be: to wear them at all times while on FBISD property (campus, bus, events), in the food service line, and checking out library materials. Students will eventually use them to check at campus entrances during arrival and when checking in at the clinic, counselor, or other internal offices.


Click here to view a web version of the student presentation. This has been revised since initially presented to students to be clearer about procedures regarding replacing lost badges, how to get a temporary badge, the cost associated with getting replacement badges, and the consequences for repeatedly failing to have your student ID.


Visit the district website dedicated to the ScholarChip badges:


ID Badge