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Viewing Progress Reports and Report Cards

Progress Report 1 (also known as "PR1") will become viewable in Skyward Family Access on Tuesday, September 8, sometime after 12:00 PM. Please follow instructions below to view. 


NOTE: If your child is in any of the Grading Pilot courses, such as Art I 6, Art III 8, Choir, Beginning Orchestra, or Beginning Band, progress for these classes will not be reflected in Skyward Family Access. Instead, your child will come home with a printed report regarding progress in the Grading Pilot classes. All other classes (i.e. non-Grading Pilot classes) will be viewable in Skyward. This will explain why there is a "blank" in Skyward for the Grading Pilot classes listed above.


Skyward Family Access – Report Cards and Progress Reports


Follow the steps below, or download this PDF help file to help you view your child(ren)’s grades in Skyward Family Access.

Step 1 - Log in to Family Access at - (there is also a “Family Access” icon in the black ribbon across the center of our campus webpage, which may be used as a shortcut for you in the future. Once you are at the Skyward Family Access webpage, click on “Login to Family Access” below where it says “Skyward Family Access”.

Step 2 - Enter your login information and password *** If you do not know your information, please do one of the following:       

  1. Click forgot Username/Password, or
  2. Contact Tandi Phillips at (281) 634-3118 or email her at

Step 3 – Click on “Portfolio” – located on the left side of the screen. (If using a mobile device, click on the “+” sign then click on “Portfolio”).                       

Step 4 – A list of documents or reports will appear, click on the link with the title of the report (i.e. Progress Report 1).

Step 5 – The report will be generated. You will also have access to other reports about your child or your other children.

If you would like a hard copy of the report, please contact Tandi Phillips at (281) 634-3118 or email her at

**Please note if you are a new student to FBISD, it might take 24 to 48 hours to gain access.