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5:15 Tuesday/Thursday Tutorial Buses

We are pleased to announce the start of our 5:15 Tuesday/Thursday Tutorial Buses. These buses begin on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, and they will continue throughout the year based on the schedule below. Students who participate in an after school tutorial, make-up session, help session, club/organization meeting, rehearsal, etc., may ride the 5:15 bus. Students staying after school for athletic practices or athletic events will not be able to ride the 5:15 tutorial bus.


Students who remain after school for tutorials, etc., must report to their teacher, sponsor, etc., when we call for the release of second run buses (usually around 4:17-4:18 PM), where they will sign in upon arrival. Students who need to ride the tutorial bus will be given a Tutorial Bus Pass by their teacher/sponsor that is signed by the teacher and dated for that date. This pass is the only means by which students will be permitted to board the 5:15 tutorial bus. Important Note: not all teachers will have after school tutorials; please plan ahead by viewing your child's teacher's webpage or by having your child check with his/her teachers ahead of time to confirm their tutorial times or club/organization meeting times before staying after school on a given Tuesday or Thursday. Some teachers are adjusting their tutorial times to take advantage of Tuesday/Thursday buses; this adjustment may take a while, however.


Tutorial buses will only stop to drop students off at the locations listed below. Drop-off times are approximate and may take some time to get the ‘kinks’ worked out. Buses will load at 5:10, and should depart at 5:15 or shortly thereafter. It would be most helpful if you could assist your child to determine which intersection listed below is closest to your home so they know where to get off and have the shortest walk home or to be picked up by you at the intersection (see Google Map link below for a visual version of the list).


We hope your child will take advantage of this important piece of the SLMS instructional program. Check with your child’s teachers, club sponsors, etc., to know their specific tutorial/meeting schedule. Changes to the schedule and stops below may occcur if/when demand is high enough to warrant a second bus.


Bus Drop-Off Locations

These times are approximate

Stop 1 - 5:18 – E. Park St & Harman St & W. Park St
Stop 2 - 5:20 – Bramblebury Dr & Woodchester Dr
Stop 3 - 5:21 – Cottonwood Ct & Greenway Dr
Stop 4 - 5:25 – Rita Drabek Elementary School
Stop 5 - 5:27 – Blue Vista Dr & Imperial Canyon Ln
Stop 6 - 5:29 – Bay Gardens Dr & Spanish Grant Dr
Stop 7 - 5:30 – Old Village Ln & Spanish Grant Dr
Stop 8 - 5:32 – Townewest Elementary School
Stop 9 - 5:37 – Eldridge Park Way & Eldridge Villa


Stop 10 - 5:45 - Sugarbridge Trail & West Bellfort



Click here for a downloadable Google Map of the Tutorial Bus drop-off locations


tutorial bus map