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Scoop from the Supe (5/13/2022)


Scoop from the Supe May 13, 2022

Hello, everyone. Dr. Christie Whitbeck here at George Bush High School with the One Act play state champion. They won it all last week at the competition in Austin after being first runner up for three years in a row. But this was their year! I saw them earlier this year performing "In the Heights" back in January. It was incredible. Destyne Miller, theater director, is right here next to me. You have done an amazing job. Thank you so much for your dedication.

Destyne Miller, George Bush High School Theater Director

Thank you. Working with these students has been, it's been a joy.

Dr. Christie Whitbeck, Fort Bend ISD Superintendent

These are the kind of teachers we have in Fort Bend ISD, just like Ms. Miller right here. All right. So, this is a great time of year. Lots and lots of things are going on. We have students taking STAAR and end-of-course exams. Get lots of rest, and we're counting down the days and end-of-course exams, what do you all think? (students groan) OK. Prom, dances, celebrations, lots of things happening.

At our middle schools, eighth grade award nights are taking place. Our youngest learners are crossing those thresholds of pre-K and kindergarten, having ceremonies to mark their transition to the very next grade. And of course, our seniors are preparing to walk the stage very soon at the Toyota Center. Any seniors here in the group? (students cheer)

Can't wait to see them in the Toyota Center. It's going to be very special. And our board of trustees and our administration, we are looking forward to that special time in your life. Speaking of our board, I want to say congratulations and welcome to our two newly elected trustees, Rick Garcia and David Hamilton. I also want to give a special thank you to outgoing President Dave Rosenthal and Vice President Jim Rice and thank them for their extensive years of service and dedication to Fort Bend ISD.


There is so much happening in our great district. STEM students from Kempner, Elkins, Clements and right here at Bush have earned state titles in the Technology Student Association competition, and they're headed to nationals. Congratulations.

Additionally, Ridge Point's baseball team is in the state playoffs this weekend - wishing them good luck. And we have students from Marshall, Elkins, Ridge Point, Travis and Bush who have all qualified for region and state track and field. Hightower health science students placed first, second and third in the recent Global Future Health Profession state competition. So, lots happening.

Check us out on the Fort Bend ISD website, Fort Bend Twitter, you can follow me on Twitter or go to the website any time you want to know what's happening in our remarkable district and the things our students are doing to achieve greatness at the campuses. One more time though, we are just about ready for summer.

George Bush High School students:  What time is it? (students begin singing)

Dr. Christie Whitbeck

All right, almost summertime. So once again, signing off from Fort Bend ISD, Dr. Whitbeck here. And congratulations to the 6A One Act play UIL State champions, George Bush. (students cheer)