• Attention!!!

    Due to the pandemic

    Game Club will resume August 2022

  • GM5 G4M3 C1UB
  • The purpose of the GMS Game Club is to create a place for students to engage in a positive hobby with their peers, build social skills, and have fun.

  • GMS Game Club will meet after school each Thursday from 4:15 - 5:30 in the back of the library.

    Interest/Info Meeting - ***

    First Meeting - ***

    Last Meeting - ***

    Students must have a completed permision form, behavior contract, and paid dues in order to attend meetings.

  • Rules and Regulations

    1. I will treat the library computers, video games, and board games with respect.
    2. I will use the internet wisely, in accordance with FBISD’s Student Acceptable Use Policy.
    3. I will help others put away games and clean up the library if/when needed.
    4. I will only use appropriate language.
    5. I will keep my noise level between 0-3.
    6. I will not run or roughhouse with others.
    7. I will respect others’ personal property.
    8. I understand that I might lose a game, and if I do, I will lose gracefully and congratulate the winner.
    9. I will help others learn new games.
    10. I will have fun!
  • Want to bring your own game(s) to share?

    • Board Games
      • Drop off at Rm 901 before the start of first period


    • Card Games, Nintendo Game Cube Games, and Nintendo Switch (console, controller, or game)
      • Should remain secured in your locker until game club meets after school