• GM5 G4M3 C1UB
  • The purpose of the GMS Game Club is to create a place for students to engage in a positive hobby with their peers, build social skills, and have fun.

  • GMS Game Club will meet after school every other Wednesday from 4:15 - 5:30 in the back of the library.

    Interest / Info Meeting - 09/21/22

    First Meeting - 10/05/22

    Last Meeting - 05/10/23

    Students must have a completed permission form, behavior contract, and pay dues in order to attend meetings.

  • Rules and Regulations

    1. I will treat the library computers, video games, and board games with respect.
    2. I will use the internet wisely, in accordance with FBISD’s Student Acceptable Use Policy.
    3. I will help others put away games and clean up the library if/when needed.
    4. I will only use appropriate language.
    5. I will keep my noise level between 0-3.
    6. I will not run or roughhouse with others.
    7. I will respect others’ personal property.
    8. I understand that I might lose a game, and if I do, I will lose gracefully and congratulate the winner.
    9. I will help others learn new games.
    10. I will have fun!
  • Want to bring your own game(s) to share?

    • Considerations
      1. The game must be playable within 20 - 30 minutes. Realistically, you will only have 50-55 minutes of actual play time.
      2. The rules of the game need to be easy to understand. You should be able to teach others and play in the same meeting.
      3. The game has to fit in your backpack. Mr. Battenfield will not store students' property in his classroom or in the library.
    • Personal Property Notice
      • Mr. Battenfield IS NOT responsible for any students' property.
      • Students bring and share their own personal property AT THEIR OWN RISK.
      • If a Game Club member intentionally damages or destroys someone else's property, they will be banned from returning.