Creative Performance (formerly Speech/Theatre Arts) is a performing arts class which includes acting, singing, dance, puppetry, speech, and debate, to name a few.


    Students are encouraged to participate in events related to drama and speech, including, but not limited to:

    • Participate in auditions for play performances

    • Participate in group activities involving playwriting, acting, set design and construction, and directing

    • Participate in two (2) theatre productions and a District One Act Play Festival (if selected after the auditions)

    • Develop an understanding and appreciation for the Performing Arts and the theatrical event

    • Understand the communication process

    • Outline and compose an informative, persuasive and other speeches

    • Perform a speech using delivery skills, including articulation, vocal variety, proper grammar, nonverbal communication and audio-visual aids, participate in a formal debate with knowledge of rules and formats

    • Gain confidence in public speaking

    • Demonstrate good audience and listening behavior

    • Give and receive evaluations on presentations


      Theatre Director and SADAL (Speak-Act-Debate-A-Lot) Club Sponsor, is Mrs. Carol Moncriffe.


    The Fine Arts Department at Quail Valley Middle School consists of (alphabetically) Arts, Band, Choir, Creative Performance, and Orchestra.



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