Theatre Arts   is a performing arts class which includes solo, duet and group acting, singing, dancing (musicals) and live theatre productions, improvisation, puppetry and more.


    Students are encouraged to participate in events related to drama, including, but not limited to:

    • Participate in auditions for play performances

    • Participate in group activities involving playwriting, acting, set design and construction, and directing

    • Participate in theatre productions and our advanced production class participates in the District One Act Play competition (if selected after the auditions)

    • Develop an understanding and appreciation for the Performing Arts and the theatrical even

    • Gain confidence in public performance

    • Demonstrate good audience and listening behavior

    • Give and receive evaluations on presentations


      Theatre Director is Mrs. Carol Moncriffe.


    The Fine Arts Department at Quail Valley Middle School consists of (alphabetically) Art, Band, Choir, Orchestra. and Theatre