the Green Thumbs! or lovingly called,

    the Gardening Club


    When: The 3rd Thursday of every month starting February 2023! 

    Morning check-ins will be frequent to water the compost and garden.

    FIRST INTEREST MEETING IS January 26, 2023 8:20-8:45am in Ms. Nguyen's room downstairs 308 

    Membership is free!

    Club Description:

    Inspired by the student autonomy of Japanese schoolchildren, the invasive threat of global warming, the biological and chemical health benefits produced in people when they are outside doing manual labor, the INFLATION OF GROCERIES, and the joy of having grown plants, vegetables, and flowers ourselves; we, as the Gardening Club, wish to foster a stronger Garcia Middle School community in which students and staff come together to take care of the school’s garden.

    Participating in Gardening Club offers collaboration skills, volunteer hours, and perhaps extra credit for Science and History classes.


    Disclaimer: Please be aware of your outdoor allergies before participating with our garden. You may participate however much you’re comfortable with.


    What we do:

    -Plant Texas native flowers

    -plant vegetables and fruits

    -construct gardening materials or platforms

    -pull out weeds

    -kill or collect bugs (or aggressively shoo them away)

    -keep plants safe from extreme weather

    -eat what we grow! (sometimes, when it is deemed safe to do so)


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