Junior Thespians

  • Junior Thespians is an after school honor society serving to promote theatre in the school and the community. The word "Thespian" was adopted to honor the first actor, Thespis. All meetings are held in Room 208, 4:15pm-5:15pm every other Tuesday. For specifics on meeting dates, check out the calendar. Anyone can join the club as long as there is an interest in theatre. Just show up and take part in the fun activities. You can earn your way to being a Jr. Thespian by just getting involved.
    You can earn points to become an internationally recognized Jr. Thespian by:
    1. Viewing theatrical performances and bringing in your program
    2. Participating in shows and theatre-related tournaments
    3. Volunteering for theatre events
    4. Community Service (Limit 3 Thespian Points)
    These things must be accomplished within the current school year to be valid.  
    Officer Responsibilities
    President  The president presides at all meetings, appoints all standing and special committees, and directs and supervises troupe activities.
    Vice President The vice president presides in the absence of the president and is responsible for the induction of new members, planning socials, and other events.
    Secretary The secretary keeps the records of meetings, including attendance, and keeps the point records of all thespians.
    Historian The historian (formerly parliamentarian) is in charge of keeping order at meetings, taking pictures and keeping a visual record of troupe events/activities (through creation of a scrapbook and/or website).
    2019 - 2020 Oficer Line
    President - Jasmine Palmer
    Vice President - Abigail Anderson
    Secretary - Artem Kochkin
    Historian- Olivia Carlo