Photography Club

  • Photography Club is an inspiring club to learn and practice the art of photography. This club works to introduce basic photography skills and learn photography editing software.  In this club you will learn the mechanics of a camera, camera techniques, experience creativity with photography composition themes, and learn photograph editing software. Students will be asked to create a photography portfolio and have a digital camera.

    Club Dues: $5.00  

     Meeting Dates:

    September  Introduction                            

    October  Composition, Editing                                 

    November Light & Mood, Shape and Lines & Portraiture                                            

    December  Portfolio Assembly


    January-May Club Topic Inquiry




     Meetings are held in Room 402 from 4:15 p.m. — 5:00 p.m.

     *We will meet twice a month, every other week.  Dates can change, so listen to morning announcements. 

     What we will get to experience:

    Making friends who share similar interests in Photography!

    Basics of Digital Photography

    Basics of Adobe Photoshop

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