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Ms. Abry

Phone: 281-634-8438


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors in Education

Ms. Abry


I am very excited to be back for my 5th year at Baines. I  grew up on a ranch in Illinois, and am the 11th of 13 children. Dad passed away in 2003 and my mother still lives in Illinois.  Last December, my furbaby Nova crossed the rainbow bridge after his 18 years here on earth. I now have a cat I call the Victor, aka Victornator. He will be one year old in September. In April, while I was at work, Victor turned the water faucet on and forgot to shut it off..... and that is why I call him Victinator. 

As a teacher, I want to inspire independent thinking in all my students. As adults, we must be critical thinkers and know how to problem solve. That is one aspect about math I love, solving problems. :) I look forward to working with you to have a great year as Longhorn year. 

Ms Abry 

Teacher Schedule



    Period 1 OL  8:50-10

    Period 2 Conference 10:05-11:00

    Period 3 PAP 11:05-12

    Period 4 OL 12:05-12:55


    Period 5 PAP 1:30-2:20

    Period 6 Math Lab 2:25-3:10

    Period 7 PAP 3:15-4:10


Teacher Tutorial Schedule

  • Tuesday PM 4:10-5:00 Ms Abry's

    Wednesday AM 8:10-8:45 Mr. Alexander's room

    Thursday AM 8:10-8:45 Ms. Kelley's Room

  • THe extra copies can be found in schoology. Student clicks on class period>materias>extra copies of homework.


    Most everything can be found in schoology. 

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