Teacher Information

Mr. David Sebek

Phone: (281) 634 - 6817


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts Certified in Gifted and Talented Education Certified in Special Education Certified in English as a Second Language 2000 Campus Teacher of the Year 2000 District Teacher of the Year Finalist 2011 Campus Teacher of the Year 2011 Region IV Gifted and Talented Teacher of the Year 2011 State of Texas Gifted and Talented Teacher of the Year

Mr. David Sebek

Our focus in the Fort Bend ISD GT Academy is to develop the passion and interests of our students. We hope to do that in ELA by giving students the tools to either fall in love with literature and writing or to use their literacy to become self-extending learners in the field of their choosing.

Over the course of the year we will read and discuss many forms of literature, write for long periods of time and develop the creative skills that are needed in all fields of expertise. It is a dynamic program that often lives outside of the walls and doors of our classrooms. We are passionate about what we do and we look forward to sharing that passion with your child.

This is my twenty-fourth year in education and twelth year working in the Fort Bend GT Academy. Working with gifted and talented children is my passion and there is no better feeling than waking up every morning to go to a job I love. I am very proud to have been named the 2011 State Teacher of the Year for the Gifted by the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented.

I live in Fort Bend. My oldest son graduated from Dulles High School and Texas A&M University and is now working in Phoenix, Arizona for Bechtel.  My other son graduated from Dulles High School and is attending Blinn. My daughter graduated from Dulles last year and will be a freshman at Blinn this year. My wife is a reading specialist at Commonwealth Elementary.

Both my wife and I graduated from Texas A&M University. 

I am an author. I co-wrote a professional book for Prufrock Press with Troy Drayton, an ELA teacher at Ridge Point High School and Joe Bernhart, a fellow Academy teacher. The book is titled Stand Up! Speak Out!: The Social Action Curriculum for Building 21st-Century Skills

The GT Academy is a great place to work and I thank you for letting your child come to school with us every day. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do. If you see me at HEB or Wal-Mart or out at the barn stop by and say Howdy.

Mr. Sebek

  • Period 1:  ELA6 PAP/GTAC

    Period 2:  ELA6 PAP/GTAC

    Period 3:  Planning

    Period 4:  Professional Learning Lead

    Period 5:  ELA6 PAP/GTAC

    Period 6:  ELA6 PAP/GTAC

    Period 7:  ELA6 PAP/GTAC


  • Tuesday 4:10 - 5:00 p.m.
    Before school by appointment 
    Make sure you contact Mr. Sebek and let him know you are staying for tutorials on Tuesday's.