• Youth Expanding Service Program

    One of the distinctive characteristics of the United States is our conviction that each individual can makes a difference through volunteer service.  This is reflected in the recent trend of colleges asking for community service involvement as one of their criteria for acceptance.The Y.E.S. program provides students with the opportunity to get involved through voluntary service at the local level and to make a difference in their own neighborhoods and communities.Y.E.S. recognizes students who have contributed time during their high school career to their community in terms of volunteer service hours. Participation is voluntary. 


    Students will need to perform 100 hours of service prior to March 31st of their senior year in order to receive a Y.E.S. medal at graduation.

    Students must volunteer with a Non-Profit 501c3 Organization. This means they must be registered with the IRS, https://apps.irs.gov/app/eos/ 

    Due to COVID, hours were reduced to 70 for class of 2023, and 85 for class of 2024. Class 2025 and onward will need to complete the 100 as usual.   

    No more than 25 total summer hours can be credited to the required 100 hours. In other words, a minimum of 75 hours must be earned during the school year. 

    Please note beginning August 15th 2018 -  No more than 25 total hours can be earned for school events and no hours will be credited during school hours 7:30 am - 2:45 pm.  

    You must have a Y.E.S. Contract completed and turned into the counselor's suite (A130) and register for x2VOL to log hours.  Please review the Y.E.S. Guidelines for all rules concerning what is and is not acceptable prior to submitting hours for consideration.


    Log Hours

    All hours are logged using the x2VOL system.  The students access this site on Naviance > Y.E.S. Program page (on the homepage).  Use the Student Handout as a reference on setting up an account and logging hours. 


    Y.E.S. Program Information

    RPHS YES Guidelines

    RPHS YES Contract

    x2VOL Sign-up Instructional Guide

    Y.E.S. FAQ Handout

    Contact: andrea.garcia@fortbendisd.com