• Kick-Off Mentors

    Purpose: To serve as a mentor for a small group of transitioning freshmen, acting as one of the first contacts that incoming students will make with our school. You will be assigned to a team of KOMs that will work with the same freshmen advisory class for the entire year. Each KOM serves as a mentor to 10-12 freshmen within their allocated advisory class. It will be your responsibility to act as a student-mentor to these freshmen and assist them in making the transition from middle school to high school. Our goal is to guide these new students to become “Scholars and Champions” at Ridge Point High School. The “Kick-Off” Mentor program develops leadership skills, better preparing our mentors for post-high school success.
    Requirements: You are expected to follow all school rules, maintain reasonable grades, and in all ways conduct yourself as an appropriate role model for Ridge Point High School. All KOM representatives are responsible for participating in the KOM training day, Panther Premiere (freshman orientation day), meeting with assigned mentees during a KOM Advisory period and maintaining contact with freshman mentees throughout the school year. In addition, you will be asked to take part in a social outing, once per quarter, with your advisory class.
  • Officers:

    Courtney Duran
    Armig Kalustian
    Vice President
    Teacher Sponsors:
    Carolyn Mathews-Borak
    Cristin Fronk
    Teasalette Williams
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