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  • Welcome to the Travis High School Y.E.S. (Youth Expanding Services) Program. The program is sponsored by the William B. Travis Parent Volunteer Organization. As a senior graduate you will be awarded a beautiful medal, which is worn with pride at graduation. One of the distinctive characteristics of the United States is our conviction that each individual can make a difference through volunteer service. The Y.E.S. program provides our students with the opportunity to get involved through voluntary service at the local level and to make a difference in their own neighborhoods and communities

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    For questions regarding the YES program contact:
    Submit all hours completed to:
    As of 4/1/21 there is a need for volunteers at Friends of North Richmond.  Please sign up with link below.
    Helpful tips for summer volunteering
    Only the first 25 summer hours will be recognized for the YES Program. 
     If volunteering outside, use sunscreen, wear a hat and drink plenty of water.
    Remember to take your service hour sheet with you to the event.
    "Back to School " opportunities are counted as regular hours.
    Make a copy of the service hour sheet and keep them in a safe place (folder).
    Keep a folder for service hour sheets to hand in at school after Labor day in September.
    Have a wonderful, safe summer ! 
     School Hours​ = hours earned 'at school'  while the student is on campus during the semesters e.g. Office Aide, Helping with Library before or after school, helping to set up after school labs. (Maximum of 25 hours)
    Summer Hours = hours earned the weekend after school semester ends (June) to one week before Fall semester starts. (Maximum of 25 hours) Note : Any "Back to School" activities e.g. helping with first day packets, Teacher set up, Orientations will be counted as Regular hours.
    Regular Hours = hours earned during the regular school year away from the school campus e.g. charity walks/runs, Hospital volunteer services, Public Libraries, Religious groups going out into the community to help others, School Carnivals any Non-Profit organization with 501 c 3 status. These hours are unlimited.
    Monetary Donations =​ hours earned for donation items e.g. Shared Dreams Toiletry Drive, Nurses Office. 1 hour = $10 of purchase with receipt affixed to the hour sheet. (Maximum of 25 hours) We would prefer students not to reach a maximum on these donations.

    Please refer to the Guidelines for more information.
    Please check the calendar for updated volunteer opportunities. 
    Volunteer Opportunities from Community 
    Volunteer Opportunities at Richmond State Supported Living Center. These are ongoing opportunities. Some of them may be suited for adults and some suited for students.
    To become a volunteer at RSSLC, visit and click the "Living Centers" tab. Read the directions to complete the Volunteer Application. Be sure to complete the Volunteer Orientation and the HIPAA Certifications as well. 
    Serve Sugar Land  volunteer opportunities. Please make sure you have completed the application form online before volunteering.
    First Colony Dream League Volunteer Opportunities  Please go to the link for more information
    If you like the outdoors and working with horses. Training sessions are offered, must be 15 years old + to volunteer and online registration must be filled out.
    This is an ongoing volunteer opportunity. 

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