• The music area of fine arts at Heritage Rose aspires to develop the whole child by making academic curricular connections through music theory, music history and vocal music. Children are taught to read rhythm and pitch, treble and bass clef, as well as the history and background of the songs we sing. Fourth and fifth graders are taught to play a small woodwind instrument called the recorder in preparation for band participation in middle school. Second through fifth grade students receive small group or one-on-one reinforcement of the objectives taught as they travel to various work stations around the classroom. These work stations include:

    • Student Composer – Students practice sight reading, rhythmic counting, reading the staff and apply these skills to learning to play the keyboard.
    • Music Puzzlers and Activities – Music vocabulary and lines and spaces of the treble and bass staff are reinforced. Students also learn the instruments and instrument families of the orchestra.
    • Composer / Listening Corner – Students dig deeper into the different genres of music as they learn about composers and listen to their music.
    • Technology – Ear training, the music alphabet, treble and bass staff, music vocabulary, music genres and instrument families are reinforced through Music Ace and Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music.
    • Music Library – Students read books about different styles of music, composers, entertainers, bands, orchestras and careers in music. They must complete a library information card explaining the book they have read.
    • Floor Games – Music theory and composers are reinforced through various games such as Classical Snap, Music Bingo, Solfege Candy Land, Lego Rhythms and BUSTED! Kids love to learn when it takes place in the form of a game.

    Connecting reading, social studies and science through our lessons and math through music theory not only helps to build upon the skills children are taught in the academic classroom, it also helps children connect music to every aspect of their lives. Children will grow to make informed decisions about the music they choose to love, and they will always remember their elementary music experience.



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