• What is the AVID elective class at RTMS?

    AVID at RTMS is a class offered to 7th and 8th graders, which offers study skills, organizational tools, academic support, social/emotional mentorship, grade checks, and a family environment.



    Learn more about AVID at AVID.org

    AVID Application Update 

    Dear AVID Applicants,
    In case you missed the previous email, here is the information: we want to extend our gratitude for the outstanding efforts of our young scholars. We have a couple more interviews that will take place this week. Additionally, there are updates to the AVID timeline, and we kindly ask you to review the revised dates outlined below. I was initially overambitious in our timeline. Due to the high number of applicants, we require additional time to thoroughly review applications, teacher reviews and required information. Thank you for your understanding. During the interviews, all applicants were informed that they would receive notification of their acceptance status, whether accepted or placed on the wait list, before spring break. I've adjusted the dates accordingly.
    Revised AVID Timeline:
    • February 2: Application closed
    • February 5-9: AVID Coordinator will collect data and reach out to applicants’ teachers for recommendations (no action needed from applicants).
    • February 14:6th & 7th-grade AVID interviews (at RTMS during the school day)
    • March 6: Deadline to send acceptance and wait list letters (all non-accepted students will be added to our wait list. If an accepted student rejects their acceptance, we will reach out to wait-listed students)
    • March 18:- Deadline for accepted students to accept or reject their seat in AVID 2024-2025.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.