3-D Printing Club

  • This club will teach the fundamentals of 3D printing and 3D designing. Learn about the many possibilities that 3D printing brings to manufacturing, construction, arts, and more.

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Meeting Information

  • First Interest Meeting: 9/28/2022

    Meeting Day: Wednesdays;

    Meeting Frequency: Weekly

    Planned Meeting Pattern: Every Week on the selected Day (M-F)

    Time of Meetings: Wednesdays 4:15-5:15

    How will you be meeting? In-Person every meeting

    If in-person, what room will your meetings be held in? 329

    Who can attend the interest meeting for this club? All Raiders;

    Does this club have a competitive component that requires a tryout? No;

    Any Additional Information: Maximum of 12 people. There will be a charge for materials.