Guitar Club

  • Students will learn the physical parts of the guitar, tuning a guitar, and how to play major and minor chords. Students will potentially learn to play harmonies and melodies together in ensembles. Students will learn the basics of various techniques such as using a guitar pick and fingerstyle playing. Students will learn foundational elements of reading music for guitar. Differentiated instruction will be provided for advanced learners. Some emphasis will be placed on traditional classical guitar techniques.

Contact Us

  • First Interest Meeting:10/06/2022

    Meeting Day: Thursdays;

    Meeting Frequency: Twice Per Month

    Planned Meeting Pattern: 1st and 3rd Week (on selected day)

    Time of Meetings: 8:20-8:40 a.m.

    How will you be meeting? In-Person every meeting

    If in-person, what room will your meetings be held in? Room 111

    Who can attend the interest meeting for this club? All Raiders 

    Does this club have a competitive component that requires a tryout? Maybe;